Local information


Local information



Time zone

Poland, like most European countries, uses daylight saving time in summer being in the Central European Summer Time (CEST) zone (UTC+2h).


Mobile phones

All Polish GSM operators use GSM 900/1800 network type. When calling from your mobile to a stationary phone in Serock use the +(48 22) prefix.


Emergency telephone numbers

General emergency: 112




Police: 997

Fire squad: 998

Medical first aid: 999


Internet connection

There is Wi-Fi network connection in the hotel rooms in the Pan Tadeusz Hotel accessible free of charge

to the hotel guests. There is also wireless network connection in the lecture and seminar halls.


Currency and credit cards

The currency unit in Poland is the Polish zloty (zl, code: PLN), which is subdivided into 100 grosze (gr). The current exchange rate of zloty, e.g., to Euro or US dollar, can be conveniently checked if PLN is selected as the Polish currency code. In October 2016, this rate was about 4.31 PLN for 1 EUR, 4.83 PLN for 1 GBP and 3.93 PLN for 1 USD.


You may change foreign currency and traveller's checks at several banks located in the city centers as well as in the money exchange offices located, e.g., at railway stations and airports. Major credit cards are accepted in most hotels, restaurants, and automatic cash machines.



Power voltage is 230 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. Sockets fit CEE 7 standards. Ground connection is afforded with an extra pin in a CEE 7/5 socket.